The Crawfish Festival

For over two decades “dem Corkins boys done throw some fais do do yeh”! Since 1982, cousin Eric has brought as many fresh Louisiana crawfish that he can haul over…boiled them mudbugs to perfection, and caused many a big smile as the “true” crawdad connoisseurs flock in to indulge themselves. He’ll throw some gulf shrimp in also, just for those that are a bit squeamish. One can also find several types of gumbo, etouffé, red beans & rice with andouille sausage, hot dogs (for the kids), and Key lime pie or bread pudding. Beverages include cold beer, sodas, wine, and bottled water.
Even though food and beverage is a big part of the party, the live music is the other main attraction of this festive annual event. For the last 7 years, the amazing Wayne Toups has been the feature entertainer, each year culminating what is arguably the most exciting festival day of the year in the Wimberley area. Typically, the festival takes place on the last Saturday in April…just check the calendar.


The Jazz Festival


Now in its second decade, this amazing annual event has produced some of the most incredible musical moments in Texas history…if you doubt this, just come and see for yourself. There is not a series of intimate, more enjoyable jazz concerts that can be found any where in the U.S. than here at CCC each February. All shows are “smoke-free” with acoustics to rival many larger “music halls”. Another huge “plus” is the broad selection of jazz styles; Producer Bruce Calkins has managed to “tap” into the upper echelon of Texas’ finest players…and beyond. Although the vast majority of artists hail from Texas, many travel from afar, such as Guitarist Jackie King from San Francisco, Kellye Gray & Shelly Berg from LA, & Pat Malone from Sante Fe, for example.

This is truly an amazing experience, best summed up by a quote from some folks that just happen to be traveling through the hill country from New York city, and took in a couple of shows a few years back; they wrote: “we live in NYC and frequent local jazz clubs quite a bit, and have never heard anything better than what we experienced at your Jazz Festival…and for much less cost. Thank you!”