Gambling: Keirin

Keirin is a type of motor-paced track cycling in Japan where it is legal to bet and gamble your money. The government first introduced keirin in 1948 as a way to generate revenue for post-war reconstruction from the taxes involved in this parimutuel indo kasino betting . Additionally, in a culture where gambling was illegal and taboo, it seemed prudent to have regulated gambling while the underground scene was starting to go beyond control.

Keirin got its recognition as a sport when it made its way into the Olympics in 2002. Even so, no one can deny that gambling remains a central element to keirin. That it is highly regulated as it is in its rules and has a strict board overwatching it might be due to this reason, .

Keirin is a strategic sport both for the racers and the people placing their bets. So if you got some cash to blow and want to try your hand at gambling in Japan, this is an exciting sport you can put a stake on. You can see the betters preferring to sit in the betting hall with its big screen rather than the stadium of the velodromes.

Playing Kerin

A keirin track is 2km long with eight laps. There is a pacer in a motorized bicycle whose purpose is to increase the pace gradually, usually up to 50km/h. When the race is at about 600 metres away from the finish line, the pacer leaves the track, and the heated competition begins. One of the crucial aspects of this type of track cycling is gaining a good position, especially when behind the pacer as it determines how the racer fares at the final phase. An interesting fact is that these cycles have no brakes, meaning they have to be tactical about the way they pedal.

Each racer utilizes a different winning strategy. Familiarising yourself with the common ones to identify a type of cyclist will help you choose which one to bet on in a race. The racer can be a front-runner, breakaway or an over-taking cyclist.

A front-runner cyclist is one who maintains staying in the lead position. An over-taking cyclist remains right behind the front-runner cyclist for multiple laps and in the final straightaway overtakes them in a sudden sprint. A breakaway cyclist increases their speed to move up from the rear in the last moments of a race and passes the front-runner in another line. As a better, you can use the race card with its information on the racers to help you bet. Using it, you can determine a pattern of the wins and predict how each of them will be at the final phases of the race. When you start to understand both of this, it will get easier to figure out the level of aggressiveness of a racer.

Once you figure out your cyclists and realize the strategies they employ, you can then form a plan of your own to choose wisely and bet.

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