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10 Best Beach Songs for Summer 2020

Summer 2020

Already planning your vacation for summer 2020 and want to update your playlist? This dragon lotto result live list is here to help you do just that.

  1. Cool – Jonas Brothers

So the Jonas Brothers got back, and so obviously I recommend people jam to it at a vacay at the beach. Their album had this song to drop that can make you feel cool for real. With an 80s beach party vibe, this song is for those of us that love to sip a refreshing cocktail and bust a good dance move or two.

  1. Sun and Moon – Sam Kim

K-POP has made its way all over the world now. And with that, I feel it wouldn’t be right not to start adding some on the playlist too. This soulful song is just the right thing to listen to with a loved one with a stunning beach view.

  1. LOSING YOU – Solange

LOSING YOU - Solange

Solange’s music can make you dance and cry at the same time, and this song is no exception. This R&B track is like a breath of fresh air and can get you feeling with just how relatable it is. For the best effect, plug in your headphones as you walk and dance on the way to the beach.

  1. Mariners Apartment Complex – Lana Del Rey

Few can instil the kind of emotion Lana can, and this song, with its soothing lyrics, is the perfect company for a quiet day at the beach. Vacations are just about the highs, we all deserve to take a moment, and this spiritually slow beat is the one.

  1. Tumhi Ho Bandhu – Cocktail

So we’re kicking things up with this Bollywood number because they’re always guaranteed to get you on your feet. This song captures the sunny mood of a good beach day, and like any Bollywood dance music is just the thing to put on when you’re in a large group.

  1. Oasis – Crush ft. Zico

Another KPOP song but this song is super upbeat and will get you dancing in no time. A must-have sunny beach song with its R&B melody that will get you grooving. There’s something about this song that just fits the sweet sea breeze we all love.

  1. Juice – Lizzo

The beach and the kind of beach attire you have on for vacation eventually makes you want to have a song that can get you crunk. This song delivers just that.

Juice - Lizzo

  1. Gravity – Sara Bareilles

There’s no place like the beach to get in some time to introspect. This ballad can be the perfect thing to accompany that. With a warm voice, this song makes you question the paradoxical nature of relationships. It definitely hits you differently when you’re listening to it on the night beach.

  1. Sign of the Times – Harry Styles

Another song to listen to while introspecting. It talks of how we continue to fight for things we shouldn’t have to.

  1. High by the Beach – Maxence Luchi ft. Solange (Reprise to Lana Del Rey)

When you mix in Lana and Solange, you get this masterpiece that is just a huge mood.

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